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idec flow control - Overview

  1. 24x7 Health Check up
  2. Skilled and Motivated team available 24x7 for health check up of existing installation consisting of all types of Valves, Actuator and Controls, Pumps, Compressor, Instruments, and other plant equipments including comprehensive service package including AMC for it.

  3. Shutdown Maintenance
  4. In-Situ Valve Repairs, Removal and Installation and commissioning with supply of Valves, and pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Gas Over Oil/ Electro- hydraulic / Hydro- Pneumatic and electrical actuator with complete repair, testing, and documentation services for all kinds of Valves and actuators, irrespective of type, size and class.

  5. Testing, Calibration and Certification
  6. For New Valves, Pressure Safety relief valves, and Various Instruments such as Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitter, Switches, meters.

  7. Valve Automation Centre (VAC)
  8. Conversion mechanical operated Valve to auto operation.

    Valve modifications: Conversion from Soft Seal to Metal Seat, And Fabrication of Spares by Reverse Engineering Technology and Supply of Spares.

  9. Retrofitting
  10. Retrofitting of existing Manual-gearbox Operation to Actuation for remote operations with solar panel.

  11. Supply Erection, Installation and Commissioning
  12. Of pneumatic / Hydraulic / Gas over oil / Electro-hydraulic / Hydro- pneumatic and electrical actuator.

  13. EDS / PST / Line Break System
  14. Provision of ESD / PST / Line Break systems, Remote operation via GPRS / SCADA.


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